Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Data Architect Job Description

I found this definition of a Data Architect on CareerBuilder.
Defines, designs, and builds relational and/or multi-dimensional databases for warehousing of data. Confers with client, technical staff, and team members to plan, design, develop, implement, and enhance applications, scripts, procedures, and metadata for relational databases. Reviews current data structures and recommends optimizations and reconfigurations as warranted. Generates data acquisition and archive recovery strategies. Works with Database Administrators to migrate complex large scale applications into test and production environments. Integrates new data with existing warehouse structure and continuously improves system functionality. Evaluates and recommends new tools and methodologies. Consults with vendors to integrate selected packages. Deletes old data. Develops and maintains all standards in accordance with data structures and models. May work with organization departments to design and develop data marts. (Source: eDOT Job Description)
Do you agree with this definition? Does it include too much or not enough? I agree with most of it, but I question or disagree with the following points:
  • archive recovery strategies
    This is more of a DBA or Disaster Recovery role
  • continuously improves system functionality
    Not quite sure what is meant by this; seems to be DBA or development team role.
  • Evaluates and recommends new tools and methodologies
    What new tools and methodologies? I might do this for data modeling tools like Erwin or PowerDesigner if they are looking for this and can do this for data architecture-related practices such as data governance, data quality, naming conventions, modeling standards, and so forth.
  • Consults with vendors to integrate selected packages.
    This is Solution, System, or Application Architect role.
  • Deletes old data.
    This is done by the user, application, or DBA.

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