Thursday, September 2, 2010

Data Architect, Duties of a

I have read many job postings seeking a Data Architect.  Most had a few data architect duties included, but specified some duties of many data-related positions not normally considered as part of the data architect role; seems like they were looking for one person to do the work of multiple specialists.  It seems to me that will get a company a "Jack/Jill of all trades, master of none."

While most Data Architects will have had experience in multiple data-centric roles doing multiple data-related tasks, few (none?) of us will have kept up-to-date skills in many of those skills.  While understanding the roles of those other data specialists we will be working with is crucial, we have moved our focus to a much higher elevation.  We should be able to mentor and assist other data specialists in getting their assigned duties accomplished, but we do not do the actual work involved (except in a critical, unplanned, resource shortage).

I have gleaned the following list of duties from dozens of different position position postings for Data Architects from the Internet.  I have included only those I feel are germane to the postion.
  • Data Architect to assist with data mappings, data modeling, data profiling, query design, data flow design, etc between multiple databases across multiples platforms. Data Architect will be support and contribute to DI/ETL architecture and act as data SME (subject matter expert) with respect to data profiling assessments and participate in JAD session/interviews.
  • Perform data profiling and analysis to assess data quality/patterns, recommend data cleansing rules, conforming data standardardzing rules, and matching algorithm changes to [business] and data bus architecture (dimensions/facts)
  • Database query Performance and Tuning expertise (P&T) on SQL statements.
  • ETL Workflow and data mapping analysis, review, and tuning.
  • Strong design artifact experience in documentation of data flow and data mapping and data exchange specifications.
  • ETL development experience and technical adeptness at reviewing and initial prototyping tasks.
  • Has solid project lifecycle, database design experience, and complimentary Business Analyst skills.
    (Although, I limit the BA skills to those needed to define business data items needed for database structure.  I work with the BA to get these.)
  • Responsible for the creation of the following work deliverables:

    • Estimate for resources needed, effort needed, and target milestone dates.
    • Data requirements documents, including traceability.
    • Weekly status reports from my team
    • Compiled weekly status report to project manager for team's work.
    • Conceptual data model, including metadata at the entity level
    • Logical data model, including metadata at the entity and attribute level
    • Data Profiling/Gap Analysis
    • Data Dictionary
    • Data Flow Diagram
    • Physical data model, including metadata at the table, column, and view level
    • Volume metrics (expected initial load and 3-year and 5-year forecasts)
    • DDL Scripts (generated from modeling tool such as PowerDesigner or Erwin)
    • ETL Data Mapping (ultimate source to ultimate target, not every hop along the way)

  • Primary Responsibilities:

    • Building conceptual, logical and physical database designs
    • Participating in data development and analysis, and data dictionary management
    • Ensuring data consistency and accuracy across all systems
    • Collaborating with business analysts, ETL developers and other key internal personnel on a wide scope of data architecture functions

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