Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Power Designer 16 Excel export from model's "List of tables" takes too long

Exporting to Excel from a model's "List of tables" takes much too long. Also, the confirmation dialog box asking if I want to open the export quite often gets "hidden", meaning that if I change focus from PD to another application, for instance writing this enhancement request, when I go back to PD the dialog is not on top, but I can't do anything with the PD window because it is waiting for my reply. Pressing ALT+Tab several times usually gets the focus on the dialog box, but I have had to use Task Manager to locate it sometimes.

Sybase Inc. - Case Express bug opened:
Case Id: 11719923 - Export from Model Table List to Excel takes too long.

Thought I would add an update to this.  SAP / Sybase has still not fixed this export to Excel problem.  I guess they don't consider it a "bug"; just a horrible inconvenience to its users who pay $Thou$and$ of dollar$ to them for the privilege of using their software.

 It has been 1 hour since I started an export of a column list to Excel.  I hoped that V 16.5 would have fixed this, but it hasn't.  I used the "work around" method of clicking the little box in the upper left corner to select all the content and the copy it and then paste it in an empty Excel workbook; but that didn't capture all the rows in the long list.

While I like PowerDesigner most of the time, their lack of support for bug fixes and enhancements can drive one crazy!

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