Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comparitive EDW Architecture Seminar by Bill Inmon

I attended a "Comparitive EDW Architecture" seminar put on by Bill Inmon in Golden, CO, on 4/4/2012 to 4/6/2012.  The purpose of the seminar was to explain the different DW philosophies of Inmon and Kimabll and how they can not only be used together, but complement each other.

Sadly, no one from the "official" Kimball organization accepted Bill's invite to present at the conference.  Scott Hirst, Ultra Solutions, Inc., did attend and presented the Kimball DW architecture philosophy very well.  Thanks, Scott.

The seminar presented Inmon's latest DW 2.0 architecture philosophy and Kimball's latest Dimensional architecture.  Also discussed was how the two of them can complement each other.

The DW 2.0 architecture was compared to a city's architecture and Kimball's Dimensional model was compared to a house's architecture.  The DW 2.0 architecture (in at least 3NF normal form) provided the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) foundation upon which the Dimensional  architecture is used to build the data marts needed for OLAP and reporting.

Of course, the best part of any seminar like this is the chance to network with others and learn from shared experiences.

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