Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PowerDesigner 16.0: Model Options settings not applied when opening model

Product: PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect Version EBF5
OS: Windows 7 Professional

The settings for a PDM configured in Model Options are not applied when opening the model.  In order to get them applied, I have to open Model Options after the PDM is opened and, without changing any settings, click OK.  The settings are then applied.  This is consistent with some models and does not happen with others.

The one it is consistent with is an Oracle Version 11g database model.

Bug Report created 5/1/2012
Case 11734125


  1. This error still exists in PD EBF14.

    I see my ERDs randomly show the table and column "name" instead of the code. I have to open the Model Options and just click ok without changing anything to get it fixed.

  2. This bug still exists in 16.5 SP02. And SAP / Sybase has still not closed my bug report. Shame on them!